Eggs are filled with all the protein that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should be on included on the list of what to eat before you start working out.


The point is not to completely hit the exercise center on an unfilled stomach yet you would prefer not to likewise hit the gym and need to workout to the music originating from your stomach. Chicken breast is light and can take you through your working out schedule.


Seeds and nuts are high in good fats and they might take a while to digest which might eventually slow you down hence the need to blend them up to make a smoothie. The healthy sugars in them help provide you with the right boost of energy needed for your workout session.


If the aim of hitting the gym is to loose some weight, then you need to avoid fruits before you train. Go for nuts instead as they are good sources of healthy fats that help your body maintain the blood sugar level stable for long periods.


Bananas are probably one of the best fruits for athletes and that’s because just eating two bananas before a workout provides you with enough energy for 90 minutes of strenuous exercise. It’s like the fuel needed for the work out hence the need to eat them pre-workout.